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New super intense Catching Fire trailer!

The latest trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire combines a lot of footage we've already seen with a few new scenes to focus on the growing unrest in Panem and the danger Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and the other Victors are in at the hands of the Capital.

Amanda Seyfried doesn't do 'diets'

Amanda Seyfried doesn't do 'diets'

For much of her career, Amanda Seyfried has been known for the sexier curves that come with having a bit more flesh on your bones. But it certainly looks as if she’s slimmed down for her recent role as Linda Lovelace. She tells Us “[Linda Lovelace] was really thin, but I don’t have the same body type as her at all and if I stopped eating I would look gross … I don’t want to promote unhealthy body types. So, yeah, I [didn't change my fitness or diet routine] at all.”

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