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 Images 2006 05 Shakira-Video-1Let's get undressed. Have you ever wanted to know how an artist can look so damn hot in a music video (while we scrutinize ourselves when singing, shampoo bottle in hand, into the bathroom mirror)? The good news is that so much happens to get a performer ready for the camera: from what color nail polish they should put on their toes, to what type of panties they are (or aren't) wearing, to what actually makes it to the final cut.

 Images 2006 05 Shakira-Video-2Style is a crucial element for a music video, because it makes the music come alive and pop right off the screen. Style can be exciting, revealing and inspiring: Let's be honest, how many of us have worn those plastic black Madonna bracelets all the way up our left arm, or brought in pictures of a hair color, a lipstick, a skirt...

 Images 2006 05 Shakira-Video-3Shakira's Stylist Marjan Malakpour (who also styles Fiona Apple, My Chemical Romance and the White Stripes) chose this sexy orange skirt actually called the "Shakira Skirt" by Hansni. Hansni Kamdar is an LA based designer who has encompassed all her talent and experiences into a clothing line that thrives on a global edge. On choosing this skirt, Marjan and Shakira wanted to find something sexy that fit tightly around the waist (a must for Shakira), and that would radiate Shakira's own personal style and flair. Shakira's been known to buy what she likes in every single color and she ordered this skirt in magenta and green. So now you know...and next time...YOU'LL be Doin' it...Shakira Style!

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KatherineOooh, how she wooed us all. Little Kat McPhee from Sherman Oaks Cali!. She started out the girl next door and grew up very quickly as the AI weeks passed by. Jeans and dresses, sexy slinky tops, lots and lots of pretty jewelry, and then that hair! Is it me, or did she shrink a couple of sizes over the ten week competition? Maybe it was just her gaining momentum and confidence: she looked better and better each week playing with color and a variety of styles.
Do you wanna know what DIDN'T change about McPhee? Her JEWELRY. Katherinelexilu Week after week, she chose the beautiful designs of LexiLu, adding that extra special touch to those ever changing outfits. And at the end of her run as the queen of the AI stage, she not only walked away a total winner, she left with a whole new wardrobe, new hair, numerous pairs of shoes and most importantly...a collection of earrings made for a STAR. I am SO jelly!!

visit to see some of Katharine's favorite styles.

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 Images 2006 05 Lindsey-Nude3Nooo sillies, I am not talking about those famous aaah...tapes made by "some" of our favorite celebs. I'm talking nude is all over the red carpet and the runways, both on the faces and the bods of the trendsetters themselves: Caramel and earth tinted dresses, skirts and suits, nude lips, nude faces...nude nude nude..Au Natural ( Au natural Hollywood can get, know what i mean?!) is the new "it".

 Images 2006 05 Hillary-Duff

But don't get TOO excited: although it may seem to be a low maintenance fad, it actually takes quite a bit of work to look great "nude": we are still going to need foundation, and bronzer, and liptint at the very least. Next, let's discuss the fabulous fashions all those lucky celebs are sportin'. Gorgeous, classy, just a little tint of color..clean...nude. Look who has joined the trend train!

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