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Designer Beth Lauren's jewels are being spotted everywhere, on the likes of Rachel Bilson, Tori Spelling and Eva Longoria. The Parsley fabric pendant seen on Rachel in this photo is a unique combination of floral black applique intertwined with gold rope, African brass and black bows. At a full 36" long, it's a real stunner, $130. Rachel has also been spotted wearing the Radicchio pendant which features apple green peridot stones forming a distinctive diamond shape hanging from a 14k gold-filled chain, $210.
We love the Tumeric necklace Tori's wearing featuring a carved bone leaf with garnet cluster, freshwater pearl and smoky quartz woven into a 14k gold-filled chain.

Check out more hand-crafted jewelry by Beth Lauren at

100019468673. V51202510 has opened a new The Devil Wears Prada boutique featuring clips from the movie (how excited are we?), exclusive products and interviews with costume designer Patricia Field. We're loving the Patricia Field studded bag worn by the character Andrea in the film - it transforms from clutch to a chic shoulder tote and costs a super affordable $79.95. Pre-order it now at

Picture has a great piece celebrating the bikini's 60th anniversary. Of course, you can't discuss the subject without highlighting the famous military-inspired bikini worn by Ursula Andress in the Bond film Dr. No. Andress herself even credits her success to this bikini. Picture 2-1

Forty years after Dr. No, Halle Berry paid homage to Andress in Die Another Day and designers continue to offer Bond-inspired suits every year.

Check out bikini's journey through the decades and get the look yourself at

 Images 2006 06 Carmen2You know what my biggest pet peeve is? Someone that flaunts their assets TOO much (Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra). Have you ever seen these  Images 2006 06 Mischa-Barton
women with LESS makeup/hair/revealing hoochie outfits?? They are gorgeous! With it (or..without it rather) they look like cheaper versions of themselves. Am I right? (God..I might get reemed for this.) Listen, I am ALL for showing off your goods if you got 'em, but i think sometimes we end up looking more stripclub than nightclub. Know what I mean? Leave a little something to the imagination would ya please? With that said, let me remind you that I am ALL FOR showing the body you work so hard to create ok?! (I'm just saying...not too too much!)

Ok..let's start with the legs. If you wear shorts/skirts, what makes it go over the top is if you then pair that with a really low cut top. If you put on a more convervative and chic buttondown and some stylish heels you will not only look chic, but SEXY! (ps: this picture of Carmen is actually one I love...i wanted you to see you can still be hot while covered up, and the picture of Mischa? Love. sexy..not TOO. Speaking of's Pamela. Images 2006 06 Pamela3 Need I say more??

A tip for accessories? Cute skinny hairbands in summery colors, or simple smallish earrings and a classy bag (Chanel, even a knockoff), some fabulous sunglasses and there...We have one sexy mama comin' around the corner and we wonder..what is beneath that blouse??? Right?

PS: Another combination I LOVE that is a bit more youthful? Shorts, a vintage T-shirt and a blazer. With heels OR flats: Extremely hip, extremely sexy.
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C14176 MainThe devil not only wears Prada, she wears Dior, Tarte, Stila and Benefit, too. Nicki Ledermann, the makeup department head for the much-anticipated (at least around here) movie The Devil Wears Prada, dishes on about the gorgeous looks she created for Andy, the lead character played by Anne Hathaway.

Nicki describes how she used makeup to subtly transform Andy from low-maintenance college girl to over-the-top fashionista. Her most sophisticated look includes hard eyeliner and bold red lips. C14176 Prod6The gorgeous red lips shown here were achieved by first applying Benefit Benetint on the lips and then dotting Dior Addict Lipstick in Positive Red 857 just in the center of the lips and then blending well with her fingers to create a matte, stained effect. Check out more devilish tips at

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