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December 2007 Archives

Rachel Ray

We LOVE Rachel Ray, but we're starting to wonder why she is always covered up...something we blogged about here. Rach wore this outfit to a book signing in Las Vegas at a Sur La Table store.

The odd height of the skirt is one thing, but to pair it with such a chunky knit boot? We're so confused. Couldn't she have at least worn a 3/4-length sleeve tee? It's not cold in Las Vegas.

We much prefer the outfit she's wearing on the cover of her book, Just In Time.

Jaslene Gonzalez America's Next Top Model Mi TRL

We've blogged a lot lately about a model's personal style. Usually their outfits are pretty fashion forward, but every now and then you get a model whose style is kind of boring...pulled together, but boring.

There may be a new Top Model in town (Saleisha just won cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model), but Jaslene Gonzalez doesn't care. The proud Latina stunner posed for the cameras at the 2007 MTV TRL Awards in New York City.

And Jaslene pulled out all the latest trends (and some of last season's) for her outfit:

Shrunken leather jacket over a feminine mini? Check.
An oversized clutch? Check.
Ankle booties? Check.
Bangs? Check.
14 minutes of fame used up? Check.

Julia Roberts

We're a bit confused.

Julia Roberts was snapped running around Midtown Manhattan in an outfit we were tempted to list in the "What Were They Thinking" category. We just don't get it. From the menswear-esque jeans and shoes with whatever kind of orange scarf/blouse that is, to the luxe handbag with the L.L.-Bean-looking tote, to the very oversized wool's not that bad, but it seems a bit out of character.

We're gonna give Julia a free pass though. It's cold in New York this time of year and you have to layer. Plus, she has toddler twins and a baby. She's too busy to color coordinate!

Jenna Fischer Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story

Jenna Fischer looked....pleasant at the Los Angeles premiere of Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Is it just us, or does her dress, hair and makeup make her look a lot older than she actually is? The Escada dress is perfectly lovely, but Jenna should have asked her hair stylist for a sleek updo to make her look more modern.

Sadly, this is not the first time Jenna has been on the bottom of the fashion pack.

Abigail Breslin National Treasure

Abigail Breslin was adorably age-appropriate at the premiere of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. There is NO way we were that stylish at her age. And we didn't learn how to get our hair to look that perfect until at least... I'm still not sure it looks that perfect.

Red with magenta? She's a fashion genius!

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