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We're not really sure what to call this trend.

Natalie Portman (in Rodarte) and Marion Cotillard (in Chanel) both have dresses that are flanked with draped fabric.

We're sure there is a technical term for this type of garment but we sure don't know it. The fabric panels create an ethereal look and when they extend longer than the hemline of the dress (like Marion's), the effect is quite unusual and striking.

Natalie's photo via


Natasha Bedingfield wore the wrong shoes to the 2008 Brit Awards in London (England's version of the Grammys). Chunky black heels are definitely hot right now, but Natasha got it all wrong here. The thick strap around the ankles makes her legs appear much shorter than they are. Had this dress been cut at the knees, it would have been much more flattering to Natasha's gams.
NatalieScarlett.jpgContinuing our red carpet week, it was a formal affair at the London premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl where Natalie Portman wore Christian Lacroix and Scarlett Johansson opted for Stella McCartney.

Who looked best?

We think it's kind of a toss up. But the interesting thing is their postures. Natalie's shoulders are back, which lengthens her neck and gives her a very regal look. Scarlett's slouched shoulders make the bodice of her gown look ill-fitted.

Shoulders back Scarlett!

We blogged about Marion Cotillard's floral dress last week and recently discovered it on the Chloe website, styled very differently from how Marion (our favorite style muse) chose to wear it. Which do you prefer? We think Marion's choker was a nice accessory choice, but would have liked it better if she'd left the clutch at home so she could show off the cute pockets on the dress.

By the way, you can purchase it at for $3,795, but we recommend some more budget-friendly options here.

Photos via instyle and chloe

Angelina Jolie has an interesting fashion strategy for concealing her baby bump.

Angelinaombre.jpgOption 1: A vintage Hermes dress so voluminous that no one will guess she's expecting, but everyone will be talking about it.

AngelinaWesternCostume.jpgOption 2: A Western Costume dress so skintight that everyone will guess she's expecting and will still be talking about it.

Angelina's black dress photo via and fashion credit via

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