A-list Mom and Magnificent Baby team up for a new fall layette collection

We were so excited about Magnificent Baby when it first hit the shelves because the collection eliminates the struggle between mom and baby as you try and get them dressed in onesies and pants that require multiple snaps and velcro (ouch!). Magnificent Baby uses enclosed magnetic fasteners to get baby dressed without a struggle before you can say “BOO!” So we couldn’t be more excited that for their new fall layette collection, they’ve partnered with one of our favorite online moms, A-List Mom Elina Furman. Together they’ve designed the Elephants on Parade collection available in both girl and boy colors which feature gowns, onesies, hats, blankets and bibs in a hip, modern elephant print. Not a fan of elephants? Try the heart print for girls or stripes for boys — tres chic, don’t you think?!

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