Recently I gave up sweets. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. In fact, saying it is even hard and it makes me want to run straight to the kid’s cookie jar and inhale whatever crumbs are left in there. I also use the term “sweets” loosely because to me it is anything that comes in the form of a cookie, bar, candy wrapper, chocolate box, cupcake or cake format. Just because something contains chocolate doesn’t mean it’s off limits to me. 

The reason for giving it up was so I could kick-start my healthy habits to lose that post-baby weight. The baby is now four months old and with each passing day, I know that my excuse of “just having had a baby” is beginning to run out. It doesn’t help that I also have the biggest sweet tooth and at the same time am planning my six year old’s Candyland-themed birthday party. So now that I’ve convinced myself to kick my nightly dessert habit, I do notice the difference in my energy and waistline but now it’s finding the balance between denying myself a sweet and swapping it for healthy treat that is also sweet enough to satisfy me.

Thank goodness for my trip to the grocery store this week where I discovered the new Kraft PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE, a chocolate spread that comes in three flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Standing in that grocery aisle I started to come up with a zillion ways I could use the chocolate spread to pair with my go-to snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth. Lately, I’ve been swapping in fruit for a treat, so dunking strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and pineapple into the chocolate would be a great nightly dessert treat. In fact, just today, I managed to find some graham crackers and pretzels to dunk. This is the perfect sweet treat for someone like me that wants the best of both worlds. And you know what the best part is? I hide it in the fridge so no one else eats it and I can eat it straight from the tub because it’s all mine!

Now when I’m feeling low on will-power or I just need a little time to myself, I sneak upstairs with my PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE, a few strawberries and a cup of tea and I instantly feel my spirit rejuvenated from a few minutes to myself (the treat helps too). Now if I can only get the kids to nap at the same time each day…all would be well with the world!

What’s your favorite daily indulgence?

Real Chocolate blended with rich, creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread

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