A new way to use brown sugar: Fresh Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel

Fresh-Brown-Sugar-Bath-And-Shower-Gel.jpgIf you ask us, brown sugar just might be the best ingredient out there.
It tastes great, it smells fantastic, and it adds a certain something to
every recipe it touches. (Our favorite way to use it? On top of Rice
Krispies. Seriously, it’s delicious.) So it stands to reason that we
immediately fell in love with Fresh Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel.

Now, we’ll go on record and say this is definitely an indulgence. It
rings up at almost $20, so it’s best to use sparingly to really make it
last. Luckily, it lathers and foams unbelievably well with just a
dime-sized amount upon a pouf, so it’s easy to make the 10 ounces really stretch
out over a long period of time.

And if you’re curious whether this really smells like brown sugar? Take it from us — the scent is exactly right. It’s sweet but not cloying — and with essential oils of evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel and jojoba, it’s unbelievably nourishing and conditioning to even the roughest, toughest skin.

Fresh Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel retails for $18.50 at fresh.com.

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