Art kits for kids that entertain and educate

Cabin fever is tough on adults. For kids, it’s downright awful. At this point in the winter, if your little ones aren’t home sick, they may be home on a snow day. If you hate the idea of letting them veg all day watching television, specially-designed art kits for kids may be your answer. With all the supplies in one convenient box, kids of all ages can spend time creating their own masterpieces. While all the kits featured below will bolster creativity, the MasterKitz and MasterSculpz art kits for kids go even further, teaching fun lessons on artistic movements and notable artists.

masterkitz collage

Left to right:
MasterKitz The Starry Night, $30,
MasterSculpz Let’s Explore Surrealism!, $15,

art collage two

Left to right:
Alex Jr. Tots Art Start, $16,
Alex Little Hands My First Mosaic, $12,

art collage three

Left to right:
Alex Eco Crafts Scrapbook, $22,
Magnetic Masterpieces, $10,

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