Babies and kids learn foreign languages from building blocks by Lindenwood

Forget the videos and books to try and get your child to learn a foreign language, the newest way to engage them is with Lindenwood’s Foreign Language Blocks. Made from sustainable basswood using environmentally-friendly practices and non-toxic ink, the blocks are available in 16 different languages including: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, and Arabic. Each set comes with 24 to 34 blocks depending on the language selected and includes a complete alphabet of the foreign language, in addition to numerals and animal pictures with the English translation. The blocks are a great gift idea for toddlers or babies to encourage learning! All block sets are available at

Japanese Hiragana Blocks, $41, at
Italian ABC Blocks, $37, at

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