Babies fly comfortably with FlyeBaby

It’s so nice to be able to fly with your infant without buying them a seat because it saves a ton of money for someone that you know will never actually sit in the seat. However, sometimes holding a squirmy baby can get tiresome for both you and them. If you’re going to be flying this summer, consider the FlyeBaby Airplane Seat that will keep your baby and you comfortable during the long (or short) flight. The FlyBaby seat is a hammock type seat that you can harness your baby, up to 25 lbs., in during the cruise portion of the flight. This way you can have hands available for entertaining your little one and they can face you which you will both take delight in. Once your baby is too big for the hammock seat on the airplane, it can then also be used as a portable highchair by attaching it to the back of the regular chair. 

FlyeBaby Airplane Seat, $44.99, at

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