Baby-safe travel cleaning products to keep winter germs at bay

Most pediatricians will tell you that extreme germaphobia is not a good thing. Kids and adults need some exposure to germs to build up a natural, healthy immune system. Of course, there is a limit to the number and types of bugs we need to encounter. Good handwashing is a great start but for the best protection (think germ-riddled shopping carts), you may want to keep a package or bottle of baby-safe surface disinfectant in your bag. The products below are formulated using natural, plant-derived ingredients, making them non-toxic and generally non-irritating for even the most delicate skin that the formula might contact. It’s a small extra step that may keep you out of the pharmacy and the pediatrician’s office any more than necessary this winter.  

CleanWell Disinfectant Spray & Wipes, $7.99/set,

cleanwell wipes and spray.jpg
Dapple Surface Wipes, $3.49,

dapple toy wipes.jpg
Dapple Pacifier Wipes, $2.99/10 wipes,

pacifier wipes.jpg
The Grime Fighter Surface Wipes, $5,

babyganics all purpose wipes.jpg
The Germinator Alcohol-Free Hand Wipes, $2.49,

babyganics hand santizing wipes.jpg
Earth’s Best Nursery Wipes, $6.70/2-pack,

earths best nursery wipes.jpg

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