Back-to-school 2013: cool alarm clocks

One of the hardest things about heading back to school is waking up in the morning. Summer has been a series of lazy mornings and breakfast in pajamas. For my kids, tomorrow is the big first day and I’ve decided that a cool new alarm clock is the perfect way to get them up and out of bed in time to make it school. Whether a buzzer, the radio or music from iPod wakes them up, there has to be one that gets them excited enough to sleep a few less winks.

Disney Loves iHome Dual Alarm Clocks, $49.99, at 
Time Space Projection Alarm Clock (also comes in Daisy Flower), $12.99, at 
LEGO Yoda Alarm Clock, $29.99, at 
Rise and Shine Alarm Clock, $29, at 
Talking Animal Alarm Clocks, $17.95, at 

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