Beat the heat with fabulous indoor playhouses

We’re all willing to go the extra mile for our kids but an unshaded park on a day that reaches well above the 100 degree mark is good for neither children nor parents. Of course the alternative–being cooped up indoors–isn’t exactly fun either. Although they are an investment, indoor playhouses are excellent toys to have on hand for situations like this. Each style featured below is created using high quality materials and offers such great design, you may not worry about leaving them up in the playroom all the time. You’ll use them during these long stretches of dangerous heat now, as well as during the snowy winter and rainy spring days in the future.

Manhattan Toy Puppet Playhouse Theater, $63,

puppet playhouse theater.jpg
Toobeez Playhouse Kit, $129,

toobeez playhouse kit.jpg

Tea Time Teepee, $288,

tea time teepee.jpg
Home Sweet Play Home Canopy, $139,

kids canopy.jpg

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