Beauty fix: hormonal skin clears with Renee Rouleau

After having three babies, my skin certainly can be described as being hormonal. In fact, I think I have more frequent breakouts now than when I was a teenager. Short of ordering the popular teen remedy of ProActiv, I found Renee Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment and Skin Correcting Serum. Created by Renee Rouleau, a Texas-based Celebrity Esthetician and Skin Care Expert,  blemishes that seem to grow bigger overnight were instantly squashed with both of these treatments and after continued use, my breakouts seemed to be showing up less and less. The Anti-Cyst Treatment heals and reduces the size of those unsightly cysts that seem to linger on your face for weeks at a time but never quite coming to the surface with a blend of Purified Lactic Acid and Ethyl Lactate.

The Skin Correcting Serum uses Beta Glucan to stregthen your skin’s immune system and Superoxide Dismutase, an antioxident, to lessen inflammation of blemishes. While my “hormonal” skin might never be cured, this is one line of treatments that is truly doing the trick and even if you’re blessed with clear skin, she may have a magic serum for keeping it that way. For more information on the complete Renee Rouleau line and to see which of the nine skin types you categorize in, visit

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