Bejeweled bobby pins for your hair and theirs

In spite of all their usefulness, bobby pins have generally been the type of hair accessories we’ve tried to hide rather than feature in our hairstyles. Ugly? Yes, but their holding ability and staying power is second to none. Finally bobby pins have been re-imagined, sporting bright colors, cool prints, beading and faux gemstones. For a formal event or just a soccer game, bejeweled bobby pins like the ones featured below can be woven through tresses so that they just peek out, or they can be placed in full view in the hair. And unlike your daughter’s character clips, these pretty hair accessories can be worn and shared among all the girls in the family.

bobby pins

Left to right, top to bottom:
Berry Jeweled Floral Bobby Pins, $11/2-pack,
Jane Tran Hawaiian Print Assorted Bobby Pin Box Set, $27,
France Luxe Medium Narrow Pins, $12/Pack of 8,
Jane Tran Faceted Bead Bobby Pin Set, $25,

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