Books to ease your kid's back-to-school jitters

Heading back-to-school or actually going to school for the first time can be a scary time for a child. A new teacher, new friends and even a new backpack make the most confident kids a little uneasy but one of the easiest ways to lessen those fears is with a book that shares the same stories they are about to experience. Sit with your child a few days before school starts and start reading stories about what their own day will be like. It will help them be prepared for their first day and make all those fears slowly go away.

A Fine, Fine School, $6.99 – Amazon

How Not To Start Third Grade, $3.99 – Amazon

The Recess Queen, $10.61 – Barnes & Noble

The Night Before Kindergarten, $3.99 – Barnes & Noble (The Night Before Preschool and The Night Before First Grade also available)

First Day Jitters, $6.95 – Barnes & Noble

Back-to-School Rules, $15.25 – Barnes & Noble

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