Brighten your days and nights with pretty spring sleepwear

Thanks to that pesky polar vortex, this winter has led most of us to reacquaint ourselves with flannel pajamas. Warm, yes, but not exactly exciting. With spring only days away (at least on the calendar), it’s time to shed the winter PJs and treat ourselves to new spring sleepwear. Pregnant or nursing, pre-baby or post-baby, there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. The nights may still be chilly, but with lovely colors and prints like the ones featured below, it may be enough to raise your spirits.

maternity spring sleepwear

Left to right:
Bump in the Night Empire Waist Nursing Nightgown and Robe, $59,
Japanese Weekend Maternity/Nursing Crop Pajamas, $88,
Olian 3-Piece Maternity Sleepwear Set, $138,

spring sleepwear

Left to right:
Josie Chinwallserie Jersey Chemise, $68,
In Bloom by Jonquil Milan Pants, $52,
In Bloom by Jonquil Bali Robe, $68,

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