Brighten dreary days with floral prints

It seems that the Polar Vortex has no plans of leaving anytime soon. However, it may be time for a wardrobe change. As we eagerly await warmer weather, you can brighten your wardrobe (and your day) by wearing floral prints. The pretty prints will soon be popping up everywhere, so get ahead of the trend and sport your favorite pieces a few weeks early.

Floral Prints

From left to right:

Pim + Larkin Soft Peplum Floral Top, $49, at

Rosalia Peplum Top, $88, at

Chiffon Blouse, $29.95, at

Floral Blouses, $32.94, at


  • Embroiderd jackets

    Now That’s called the perfect clothes for summer … really we are waiting for warm clothes as well

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