Bring your Facebook page to life offline with My Social Book

Yesterday Facebook celebrated its birthday by letting people download a free video that included a snapshot of their best memories that included most liked photos and status updates. It was sweet to look back and see how many years we have been sharing every life moment with friends and family near and far. However, after a few weeks or months, those favorite photos are buried down into your Facebook page archives and are forgotten once again. Now you can capture every special picture and status update by making a book from My Social Book. It’s styled like a mini magazine and yearbook featuring all your status updates and photos. The most liked photo from the years you select is featured on a double page spread and there is a mosaic of your friend’s photos that have commented on your wall the most. There are many editing options so you don’t have to include everything in the book, just your favorites — which is a great way to capture your life from the past few years.

My Social Book

My Social Book, starting at $11 for 25 pages, at

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