No more excuses…build a home gym for 2013

How many of you have made the New Years resolution to work out more? It always starts out as a good idea but two weeks into 2013, I know that I’ll be back to having an excuse why I can’t make it to the gym. This is definitely going to be the year of no more excuses as I look to build a better home gym that I know I can make it to every day. Find your favorite workout DVD, a yoga mat and get your heart rate pumping so that come bikini season, you’re more than ready!

Spri Xertube Resistance Band, $11.50 – Amazon

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis 4 DVD Set, $79.95 – Amazon

Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell, $16.12 – Amazon

Altus Athletic Core Balance Disc, $15.30 – Amazon

Valeo Speed Jump Rope, $8.99 – Amazon

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