Build a capsule maternity wardrobe with Storq

During my first pregnancy, I bought loads of maternity clothes. Honestly, it was daunting trying to get dressed every morning. What would fit that week? What looked good together? It was a hassle. During my second pregnancy, I wizened up and made the decision to create a capsule maternity wardrobe. With a small collection of high-quality basics, getting dressed was a breeze. If I had it to do over again, I would create the same wardrobe but it would come from one place: Storq. With four exceptional basics–dress, leggings, skirt and tank–you’re covered stylishly from the first to the third trimester (and probably well into the post-partum period). Storq also gives you plenty of buying options. For $195, you can order all four pieces in their Basic Bundle. If you need to pick and choose your pieces, you can also make single purchases. And if you’re feeling uninspired about creating whole ensembles out of your Storq basics, the company’s website is chock-full of styling tips to take you from work to weekend. See the entire line, as well as body and beauty products, at

storq capsule maternity wardrobe

Left to right:
Storq Dress, $75,
Storq Leggings, $45,
Storq Skirt, $65,
Storq Basic Bundle, $195,

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