Butterfly prints have little hearts aflutter this spring

No matter your age, it’s hard not to be excited as the first wave of butterflies return each spring. Regardless of what the calendar or the thermometer says, the pretty little insects practically scream “spring is here.” Even if they haven’t returned to your area of the country, you’re probably seeing them thanks to a girls’ spring mini-trend that includes butterfly prints. From literal monarchs printed on tees to lacy butterfly overlays to graphic butterfly designs, these harbingers of spring are popping up all over girls’ clothing, shoes and accessories. In styles for all ages, every little girl can find bright, springy butterfly prints to suit her personality.

butterfly prints

Left to right:
Biscotti Butterfly Dress, $124, saks.com
Gem Butterfly Dress, $35, gymboree.com
Sparkle Butterfly Tee, $10, crazy8.com

butterfly prints

Left to right:
Hatley Ditsy Butterfly Print Raincoat, $52, nordstrom.com
Hartley Butterflies Umbrella, $20, saks.com
Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Jelly Butterfly Sandal, $40, nordstrom.com

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