Buying Guide: best baby video and audio monitors

Leaving your newborn in the next room to sleep can be stressful for a new mom. You want to hear every grunt, gurgle and giggle the little one is doing while trying to go to sleep. Yet it’s just as important to hear them breathing and watching them sleep to make sure they don’t get stuck rolling over or as they get older aren’t causing mischief. The best way to achieve both of these goals is to use a baby monitor. Baby monitors are available in both audio and video styles in digital or analog formats. When shopping for a baby monitor that best fits your needs consider these questions: What is the size of your house? Will you be okay with not seeing your baby and only hearing him? Do you need multiple cameras or just one? Would you like the monitor to do more than just pick up sounds and video?

Your answers to these questions will ensure that you pick the best monitor for your lifestyle. Remember whatever monitor you decide on, you will definitely get peace of mind hearing and seeing your baby.

Best overall: Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Monitor, $128.99, at
Best multi-camera and best design: Digital Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision, Lullabies, Temperature, Motion Alarm and 2 Cameras, $297.99, at
Best audio: Sony Baby Call, $40.99, at
Best technology: Levana BABYVIEW20 Interface Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor, $134.09, at
Best value: MOBI MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System, $79, at

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