Buying Guide: best growth charts

We all know how our babies grow so fast. Especially those first few months when we’re walking around too sleep deprived to notice they’ve sprouted three inches. Don’t miss out on a single quarter of an inch of growth with the addition of a growth chart to their room. Available in so many different forms like vinyl stick-ons, personalized, handmade or your more traditional paper charts, you’ll find one that will fit your style and will keep your walls clean from all those pencil marks that your parents used for you growing up.

Best traditional chart — Little Birdie Growth Charts, $16, at If you prefer to go the simple route on charting their growth and may or may not actually hang it on the wall permanently, this is the chart for you. You can fill in the blanks as they grow and it comes in gender-neutral green, blue or pink.
Best personalized chart — Surfboard Wooden Growth Chart, $94 w/personalization, at You don’t actually have to be a surfer or live at the beach to appreciate how cute this growth chart is. You can personalize it with their name and hang it on the wall as art and as they get too old for it, you can move it up the wall and hang sideways as a reminder of their youth.
Best stick-on chart — Watch Me Grow Wall Decal, $32, at This growth chart is great to add to a bedroom or a playroom as the whimsical, graphic design is so playful. The chart marks growth with fun facts like, “You’re as tall as a fire hydrant,” putting it in real-life perspective for kids. Also, it’s removable and reusable so if you move, you can still use it in the new house.
Best ruler chart — Ruler Growth Chart, $12 (+wood you purchase separately), at What’s better than being measured with than a ruler? This growth chart is simple but fun and makes a great addition to any room in the house. It is a vinyl decal that you can add to any type of wood that matches your house decor or for extra fun, paint it a bright color like orange or yellow.
Best handmade chart — Custom Handmade Growth Charts, $26, at If you love the vintage look of handmade items, this is the chart for you. It can be custom made to fit your child’s personality or room decor with airplanes, kites, stars or mini pendents. It makes a great keepsake that could be used for your grandchildren one day too!

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