Buying Guide: best kid's party favors

We’ve all been to enough kid’s birthday parties by now that we know how much as moms we all dislike coming home with a bag of candy (as if the cake and ice cream wasn’t enough) and some dime store trinkets that break after one use. While it’s definitely the thought that counts, I like to think that parents might be thrilled, as will the kids, if they get one thing that is not just great but also useful. When you think about how much you spent on the candy and little trinkets, it probably adds up to more than one of these great party favors we found. Besides, it’s a win-win for everyone to have a party favor that will stand the test of time and ensures that you have high attendance for next year’s fiesta because your such a great hostess!

Mini Crayon Roll Up, $2 each (group discounts available), at
Custom Carnival Pinwheels, $17.60 for 8, at
Crayon Shapes (choose from hundreds of shapes/themes), $8.95 for 9, at
Flower Seed Bombs (give alone or pair with a terracotta pot the kids can paint), $6 for 30, at
Bottlecap Necklaces (boy and girl themes to choose from), $19 for 6, at
To make a really big splash, send home your gift in one of these Muslin Party Favor Bags, $10 for 12 (various themes to choose from), at

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