Buying Guide: best storage for kids artwork

All good things must come to an end and with the end-of-the-year school year approaching rapidly, it’s time to sit down and sort through all those important projects and artwork that have been piling up. While it’s nearly impossible to keep everything your child has made throughout the year, it is possible to keep a few that are near and dear to your heart and theirs making for a lifetime of lasting memories. While you may still need to clean more out next year, with these storage finds you’ll at least know that the artwork is safe and sound while you sort through the rest of it.

Under-the-bed storage. If you just can’t part with most of the projects, the best solution for you is a container that can be easily stored underneath the bed, in a closet, garage or attic. Plastic containers are great for storing artwork and if you want to involve the kids in the process, have them each decorate their own container with paint and markers before you store it. Stor-n-Slide Underbed Boxes, $13.99, at
Display it. Artwork is meant to be displayed so don’t hide it. With this frame you can actually store up to 50 pieces of art and display it at the same time. It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds. Lil’ DaVinci Art Frame, $24.95, at

Digitize it! While it’s not the cheapest method around, you can have your child’s artwork made into a bound book that includes 50 pages of their best artwork and it makes for a great keepsake for the year. If you have more than one child, add all of their pages in one book and make a book for the grandparents as a gift! Custom Books, starting at $250, at
Let them sort their own. All kids take a certain pride in their works of art so they might not be so willing to let you sort through it all. Let them take charge and have them sort their own into this kid-friendly art portfolio that has plenty of pockets for years to come. Alex Toys My Art Expandable File, $17.99, at
DIY art book. We can be just as creative as our kids when we put our mind to it! Using a standard 3-ring binder, you can hole punch the artwork and make your own personal artwork book making it an easy way to store the year’s projects and it makes a wonderful keepsake. Although, it may be tough to keep the macaroni pilgrim hat they made at Thanksgiving…! Custom Three Ring Binder Fabric Slipcover, $18, at


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