Buying Guide: best toddler beds

In my house we’re just about to make the transition from crib to “big kid” bed for our two-and-half year old toddler. He’s been crawling out of his crib since his second birthday. While every child transitions at a different age, there comes a point in every mom’s life when eventually you have to give up the familiar crib routine for a whole new bedtime routine – the toddler bed. Some prefer to go straight to a twin bed from a crib but honestly, I like the fact that with a toddler bed you can still you use the crib mattress and it’s much, much smaller and closer to the ground for them to gain comfort in their new found bedtime independence. Toddler beds are also much more reasonable in price than buying a whole new bedroom set. 

When looking for a toddler bed you’ll of course consider your decor, but also consider if it’s a bed you want to keep for a while and convert to a bigger bed or possibly pass down to other siblings. Keeping these thoughts in the back of your mind will help you find the best toddler bed for your tot to make the inevitable transition to “big kid!”
Best design: P’Kolino Toddler Bed and Chair, $224.99, at Talk about getting the most for your money — this bed can not only be used as it’s main purpose, a toddler bed, but it also converts to a chair and then back again. It’s made for children ages 2-6 and has built-in side rails in the middle of the bed to prevent children from rolling out. It fits any standard size crib mattress and is made of high-quality, sturdy wood with an easy to clean finish. It’s a great bed that you’ll keep around for awhile, especially if you have child-sized guests spending the night or want to use for siblings.
Best for fun: Kid Kraft Toddler Cots, $125-$171, at amazon.comNeed a little more than just a bed to get your tot to make the transition? Then this is the bed for you. Still reasonably priced but adding a more ‘fun’ element to sleeping the beds are shaped and painted to look like race cars, speed boats, fire trucks and princess four-poster beds. Made of sturdy wood they are painted with non-toxic paints and fit standard sized crib mattresses. With a bed like this, it’s fun to go to sleep and (hopefully) it will be easy for you to get them into bed at night!
Best budget-friendly: DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed, $99, at This bed is the most budget-friendly of the bunch and it’s not for lack of design. Simple and sturdy, the sleigh bed is made of sustainable pine and comes in a variety of stains to fit any decor including white, espresso, black, natural, honey oak and cherry. Any standard sized crib mattress will fit its frame and comes with guardrails to avoid any rolling out of bed at night. A perfect bed for those looking for a temporary transition to a toddler bed then to a regular size bed.
DaVinci Bed
Best splurge: Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed, $620, at If money is no object, this is the bed I would choose. It’s sleek modern design paired with the fact that it’s still low to the ground and it can use the crib mattress is enough to make me want to sleep in it! It is made of environmentally-friendly wood and covered with a non-toxic finish.

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