Cake Lingerie for pregnant and nursing moms

There is nothing worse than having to wear bras and underwear that make you feel less than sexy when you’re pregnant or nursing. It’s a time in your life when you should be embracing your body and enjoying your growing belly. So it’s about time someone (other than us!) realized it too. Thank goodness for Cake Lingerie which has created a sexy line of undergarments for expecting and nursing moms. Included in the line are bras, underwear, pajamas, nursing tanks and robes. Available in sizes 32B to 40M and XS to XL, the line fits all shapes and sizes and will keep you looking and feeling pretty for nine months and beyond! 

Frosted Almond Balconette, $69.90, and Briefs, $29.90 – Cake Lingerie

Blue Berry Torte Camisole, $54.90 – Cake Lingerie

Licorice Bra, $59.90 – Cake Lingerie

Blue Cheesecake Bra, $69 – Cake Lingerie

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