Calling all stroller moms…the Origami has arrived!

Just when you think they couldn’t invent a better stroller…they do. “They” being 4moms and the stroller I’m talking about is the world’s first power-folding stroller currently on the market — the Origami. Currently available for pre-order (to be shipped in January 2012), the Origami stroller is a single child stroller that has high-tech features such as: folds at the touch of a button; has an internal generator that powers the stroller and charges your cell phone; a built-in pedometer to track your speed and steps; an LCD monitor that detects whether your child is in the seat or not (so there’s no accidental folding); and has daytime running lights and pathway lights. The stroller is also compatible with the Graco Snugride Series Car Seat and an adapter can be purchased separately. Can you imagine no more struggling to get your stroller folded into the car or the taxi cab?! If you’re the type of mom that has to have the latest and greatest — this is definitely the stroller of your dreams. To view the video on how it all works and folds, visit

Origami Stroller, $850, available for pre-order at

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