Calm and connect with Itsy Bitsy Yoga

When 70-hour workweeks, nightly shuttles to soccer practice and tight deadlines begin to take a toll, many of us turn to yoga for centering. It calms and clears the mind while also offering physical benefits. The same is true for children and babies. From digestive upset to behavioral challenges, many parents have found help with yoga programs especially made for little ones. My personal favorite is Itsy Bitsy Yoga because it involves parent and child, leading to a rewarding mutually beneficial exercise. Founder Helen Garabedian offers everything from full yoga sets to books to child-sized yoga mats on her site. Shop directly or learn more about the benefits of baby, toddler and child yoga at

Itsy Bitsy Yoga DVD Set, $39.99,

Itsy Bitsy Yoga dvd_matcombo.jpg

Sleep ‘N Grow Yoga for Infants, $15.97 (on sale),

Sleep n grow yoga.jpg

Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers, $16.95,

Yoga for preschoolers.jpg

Organic Velour Blankie Animal, $15 each,

Animal yoga mats.jpg

Panda Yoga Mat, $24.99,

Panda Mat.jpg


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