Camp care package ideas for kids of all ages

With summer officially here, sleep-away camps all over the country are in full swing. Whether it’s your kids’ first sleep-away camp or their fifth, a package from home is always appreciated. The biggest problem for parents is coming up with new, fun camp care package ideas. Before you begin boxing up a huge glut of treats, it’s always a good idea to check your camp’s guidelines. While some let you choose what your child receives, others prefer that you forgo the standard junk food route. Because I’m always in favor of fun learning activities and crafts, the camp care package ideas I’ve featured below top my list as the best surprises for kids of all ages. Sure, their schedule is probably pretty full during the day, but there’s always time to fit in a little friendship-bracelet-making and temporary-tattoo-sharing during their evenings.
camp care package ideas

Clockwise from left:
Glow in the Dark Stars, $12,
Paracord Bracelet Kit, $17,
Friendship Bracelet Kit, $14,
What’s Gnu Game, $20,
DC Spray Graffik Flip Flops, $15,
Best of Mad Libs, $6,
Arm Candy Fashion Tattoos, $13,
Girls’ Patterned Flip Flops, $17,

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