Candy-free Easter basket ideas from Etsy

I’ll be the first one to say that an Easter basket sans any candy at all is akin to cruel and unusual punishment. That being said, we as parents are just asking for trouble (and utter exhaustion) if that’s all we fill baskets with on Easter morning. As with everything, the key is moderation. Since the candy part is easy, Etsy was a natural next step to find cool candy-free basket gifts. From lacing cards to pencil cases, everything you see is handmade and offers an outlet for creativity even after Easter is over.

Easter Egg Lacing Card by CakeInTheMorn, $4, and

egg lacing cards.jpg
Easter Tic Tac Toe Game Set by TwinsandCrafts, $45,

tic tac toe easter.jpg
Easter Bunny Crayon Roll-Up Cozy by HiddenLakeHomespuns, $8.50,

bunny crayon roll.jpgEaster Basket Crayons by IvyLaneDesigns, $8 for a set of 6,
Also a great lesson in upcycling since all are created using leftover and broken crayons.

easter crayons etsy.jpgEaster Bunny Boo Boos by BeansandButter, $6,

bunny boo boos new image.jpg
Beetle Bug Pencil Case by MinneBITES, $32,

beetle pencil case.jpgHomemade Scented Play Dough by LoveBubs, $3.40,

scented play dough.jpg

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