Capture every precious Instagram moment with Printstagram

If you’re not yet on Instagram, then you should be. It’s where all the hipsters, fashionistas and moms capturing every precious smile and sunset are hanging out online. An app available on iPhones and on Android, Instagram has tons of cool photo filters to choose from to make your photos seem vintage and professional. However, getting them offline wasn’t easy, especially when I wanted to show my 98 year-old grandmother the photo of the kids in their racing hats. Now you can print every Instagram photo via Printstagram. Available to order in a variety of ways like squares, mini prints, tiny books, posters and stickers, you can show off your favorite Instagram moments without being near your phone or anywhere with WiFi. Perfect for dad for Valentine’s Day, I can’t think of a better gift than getting a little book filled with filtered photos of the kids laughing, playing and just having fun. To view all the products visit,
Squares, $12 for set of 24.

Tiny Book, $10 for set of 3.

MiniBook, $12 for 100 photos.

Instagram Stickers, $10 for 225.

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