Capture some Christmas magic with personalized calls, emails and photos from Santa

Around this time last year, we introduced you to two fantastic websites that offer personalized greetings for children from Santa Clause himself. I personally used both Portable North Pole and Capture the Magic with my own daughter. Trust me when I say that they were worth every single penny. Thanks to upgrades to both of those services, as well as an additional company offering a personalized video greeting, your options are even better this year! Schedule a phone call from Santa, create a video for your children or add a realistic image of Santa to a photo you take of your own home. It’s just about as much fun for parents as it is for the little ones.

Your Santa Story DVD, $30,
Parents fill out a guided questionnaire to personalize a DVD video message from Santa.

your santa story.png
Portable North Pole, free email,
Parents fill out a guided questionnaire, add photographs from the past year and ultimately choose whether kids are on the nice, naughty or questionable list. While the email is still free, this year you can choose to pay $4 for a personalized phone call from Santa. Parents can also choose to purchase a downloadable copy of the free email as a keepsake.

Capture the Magic, $10,
Take a photo of the room in your house where Santa will visit, upload the picture, then choose from dozens of Santa images to create a downloadable photograph of Santa in your home.


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