Charm them in snakeskin prints

With so many seasons of leopard and cheetah prints, it’s refreshing to see a new skin taking center stage. While we probably all have a snakeskin bag, shoes or belt in our closets, this season it’s showing up as fabric prints. And if the idea of snakeskin makes you feel a little squeamish, don’t despair. Many designers are taking a nod from the serpent’s pattern and translating it into abstract designs in decidedly vibrant colors. Whether it’s a full snakeskin-print look like a dress or just peeks here and there, you’ll be a charmer this spring and summer.

Abstract Snakeskin Print Maternity T Shirt Dress, $179,

io snakeskin maternity dress.jpg
Snake Print Tie-Waist Coat, $118,

vc snakeskin coat.jpg
Print Sleeveless Wrap Blouse with Tie, $50,

express snakeskin top.jpg
Aqua Shirt Dress in Snakeskin, $108,

aqua shirt dress.jpg
Classiques Entier Dales Ruched Skirt, $178,

ruched snakeskin skirt.jpg
Vince Camuto Sheer Snake Skin Tunic, $99,
A perfect beach cover-up

vc snakeskin tunic.jpg

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