Charming pre-school and kindergarten nap mats

If you haven’t been to the back-to-school sections of your favorite stores yet this year, prepare to be shocked. Blame marketing or just extremely proactive parents, but some of the most-wanted gear is actually selling out already. If you have a soon-to-be preschooler or kindergartener, one of the items that is bound to be on the shopping list is a nap mat, which also seems to be a hot commodity. Save yourself some headaches…shop early and online. From sleeping bag-inspired mats to basic foam models, the mats featured here are nicely priced and still plentiful (at least as of right now). I can’t believe I’m saying it but now that it’s mid-July, if you snooze you lose when it comes to back-to-school.

Aquatopia Memory Foam Nap Mat, $40,

aquatopia nap mat.JPG
Wildkin Jungle Nap Mat, $62,

wildkin jungle nap mat.jpg
Pre-K Nap Mat, $59,

prek nap mat pbk.jpg
Soft Gear Deluxe Nap Mat, $34 (sale),

non peel nap mat.jpg
Rest Assured Nap Mat, $7.99 (sale),

rest assured nap mat.jpg
Kids Line Nap Mat, $20,

owl nap mat.JPG

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