Chic, affordable accessories from JewelMint

From books to DVDs to music, subscription clubs are nothing new. While the introductory package was usually great, you were often left buying absurd quantities at high prices for the rest of your subscription period. If that sounds familiar, prepare to be refreshingly amazed by a brand new concept in subscription clubs: JewelMint. Featuring the designs of  celebrity stylist Cher Coulter and actress Kate Bosworth, JewelMint is an online jewelry club boasting a tightly edited monthly assortment of quality jewelry pieces. All styles have a minimum suggested retail price of $100 or greater, yet you only pay $29.99 per piece. Shipping is always free and—even better—you can skip a month at any time!

After seeing a few pieces of jewelry from JewelMint in person, I actually joined recently. The first step, the style quiz, was fun to complete. While I don’t feel it was accurate in naming my personal style type (searching for my inner child? really?), it still returned an excellent assortment of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that suited me perfectly. I also found an even larger number of styles I loved by viewing the ‘show me more’ link, located in my personal online jewelry showroom. My first purchase, the Edie Necklace, is on its way now. I found the whole process to be easy and fun, and I look forward to seeing what’s offered in months to come.

Edie Necklace, $29.99,

edie necklace.jpgTrinity Rings, $29.99/set of 3,

stack rings.jpgPebble Earrings, $29.99,

pebble earrings.jpgSixties Cuff, $29.99,


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