Children’s books that celebrate Autism awareness

Each year, April is designated as Autism Awareness Month. Although many of us have or know of a child dealing with this disorder, it’s still something that very few of us understand. And while it can be confusing for adults, it can be especially confusing for kids. Of course talking to our kids about Autism is important, but sometimes the best way to start the dialogue is with a well-written, kid-friendly book. The books featured below are divided into two: one group that helps explain the disorder to kids and one group that has proven itself especially beneficial to children who are on the spectrum. Both sets garner rave reviews from parents and teachers alike, and all will help little ones as they try to understand such a difficult concept.

autism awareness

Autism awareness books; left to right:
Taking Autism to School, $13,
My Brother Charlie, $17,
Understanding Sam, $18,

autism awareness

Books for children on the Autism spectrum; left to right:
Point to Happy, $20,
Who Took My Shoe?, $10,

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