Classically-styled, structured satchels you'll crave for fall

School satchels are going to show up on some unexpected shopping lists this year. Namely, they’ll be on your own fall fashion wishlist. While you may not have a need to pack binders, pencils and textbooks yourself this fall, it’s hard to deny the versatility and retro fashion appeal that goes with these British school satchel-inspired bags. And whether you need a mini bag for yourself or a cavernous carryall to tote yours and baby’s things, there’s a style, color and size available for everyone.  

Leather Satchel, $190,

dr martens satchel.png
Cambridge Satchel Company 15″ Satchel, $181,

cambridge satchel 15.jpg
Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Satchel, $98 (sale),

fossil vintage satchel.jpg
Leather Twist Lock Vintage Style Satchel, $121,

asos mink satchel.jpgMarais Lady Canvas Satchel, $36,
marais lady canvas satchel.jpg
The Dusty Roads Messenger, $245,

dusty roads messenger.jpg

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