Favorite finds for a clean baby, happy baby

Just like it was yesterday, I can remember bringing my first daughter home and after about four days of changing diapers, pajamas and crib sheets, I finally got brave enough to give her her first bath. It was actually terrifying because everyone had cautioned me about how slippery a wet baby is. Their skin is so pure and undamaged that they literally wick the water right off of them and can slip through your fingers. I’ll admit, she was slippery and I was so afraid of dropping her that I wrapped her up in a towel and just kept her on it the whole time so she wouldn’t slip. That was bath number one, however, with a few more baths under my belt, bath time eventually became one of our favorite times of the day to play and laugh together. 

While not every bathing moment can be summed up as wonderful, there are a few things out there that can make their bathing experience, as well as yours, that much better. Just as your baby grows, so does their bathing needs.


blooming-bath-baby-bath-turqouise-in-sink-baby-closeup.jpgSince your baby just arrived out of the womb not too long ago, they are used to being surrounded by water but in a much smaller space than a large bathtub. While nothing will be as cozy as the womb, you can try and replicate it with the cozy soft petals of the Blooming Bath Baby Bath, $39.99. You just push it into the sink and it cradles your baby perfectly so you don’t have to worry about lifting a slippery baby out of a huge bathtub. Since babies have such sensitive skin, you want to work to keep it perfect. For all three of my newborns, I have used the California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash, $12.99, and seven years later we still use it. The no-fragrance formula makes me appreciate the natural “clean baby” smell that newborns have even more.


With a toddler, no bath is complete without the use of toys. They love toys — so many toys that often times, I can’t even find their legs in the bath because they’re hidden beneath a sea of toys. There are so many options for toys out there but for any of you with a teething toddler, something they can chew on while avoiding drinking the dirty bath water is key. The Elegant Baby Squirt Toys, $12.99, are so fun and can be chewed on, thrown and played with for as long as you care to leave them in the tub. We also are big fans of the Skip Hop Toy Duncks, $9.99, which are play toys but also help you clean off all the soap and shampoo from their little bodies.

With three kids, I’ll admit that sometimes we don’t always have time for long baths or some days, not even a bath at all. We have to do quick wipe downs between activities and dinner and it’s always on the go. I carry wipes with me in my purse and car and recently have become a huge fan of the new Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean Layers. Why? Because they last longer and since they are thicker than other wipes, they take off every piece of dirt without tearing. It’s so nice to be able to wipe down one child without using the whole pack of wipes and still have enough left over for the other two and many, many more diaper changes. My kids have sensitive skin so it’s also nice to know that they won’t get a rash from getting wiped down with the Huggies Natural Care Wipes with Triple Clean Layers.



At this stage, your preschooler is exerting their independence and bath time is no exception. My preschooler loves to be in charge of his own drying off. He proudly takes his own towel on-and-off the hook and is now an expert at “getting all the wet off.” Hooded towels are great for teaching them how to do this. The Pottery Barn Kids Animal Bath Wraps, $39.50, are my favorites because you can personalize them with their names and they are also longer than regular kid hooded towels, so they reach every little toe. While your preschooler may have outgrown his water squirters, they will still be anxious to play with bath toys. Alex Toys has some great options including the Rub a Dub Bath Writers, $9.99, and the Shaving in the Tub, $12.99, which will keep them busy until they turn wrinkly. 

There are so many things to love about bath time but really, I just love those days when you can run the water and let them splish and splash to their hearts content because after that very first bath, you know that a clean baby is a happy baby too!

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