Clean your hands & do good for the environment with Eco Clean Wild Fruits Hand Wash

Eco-Clean-Hand-Wash-Wild-Fruits.jpgWe’re mildly obsessed with hand washes. And while we know there’s nothing wrong with Softsoap, sometimes we like to indulge ourselves just a little bit. So when we came across Eco Clean Wild Fruits Hand Wash–which not only smells amazing but is environmentally friendly–we were immediately intrigued.

The entire range of Eco Clean products is non-toxic and made from sugar beets–a sustainable, renewable, biodegradable resource that comes from Danish farms on the island of Falster. Each product in the line, like Wild Fruits Hand Wash, is made from plant and sugar based surfactants and fragranced with essential oils (think orange rosemary, spicy lavender and cool mint).

The hand wash is also allergy-friendly and paraben-free, which makes it perfect for even the fussiest of kids’ skin. (Or adults!)

And the Wild Fruits scent? So sweet and juicy smelling, and it just puts us in the best mood!

Eco Clean Wild Fruits Hand Wash retails for $4.99 at

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