Clutter-free your house of kid art with the ArtKive app

Yes, there’s an app for that. It seems that anything that makes a mom’s life easier these days has to do with an app on the smartphone. Need to find a restroom fast for your toilet training toddler…there’s an app for that. Need to do a sign-up sheet for the PTA bake sale…there’s an app for that. However, my new favorite app has to do with archiving my kid’s artwork so that I can remember and cherish it for years to come but I don’t have to keep it piled underneath my bed and taped to my refrigerator forever and ever. ArtKive is an iPhone/iPad app (they are working on an Android app currently) where you add the names and grades of your children and you can take photos or upload photos of your child’s artwork from your camera roll to chronologically store their precious treasures in the ArtKive cloud storage. After you upload the artwork you can create a book of the artwork or other items like mugs and cards which make perfect holiday gifts for grandparents. It’s easy, free and a great way to keep your house clutter-free — what’s not to like?!

ArtKive App, FREE, at 

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