Comfortable, green tea-infused kids' shoes from TSUKIHOSHI

What does green tea have to do with children’s shoes? Plenty, if you are talking about the kids’ footwear brand TSUKIHOSHI. Largely unheard of in the United States until recently, this Japanese company infuses the insoles of all its shoes with green tea polyphenol. This treatment acts as a natural, safe, effective deodorizer that has been proven to work. (Just read the customer reviews.) The truly amazing thing is that TSUKIHOSHI doesn’t stop there with their innovative shoe design. In fact, they have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) seal of acceptance because of their supportive, comfortable footwear features. And what completely won me over as a TSUKIHOSHI fan was the fact all of the shoe styles are machine washable. Check out some of the featured styles below, then visit to read more about their special features.

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