Convenient, comfortable Moses baskets for baby

Despite what the advertising may tell you, very few portable napping products for babies are truly portable. They generally require some assembly and breakdown to use, plus they’re just incredibly bulky to tote around. Sometimes it’s best to go old fashioned and low tech with a Moses basket. Made predominantly for newborns, Moses baskets are both durable and lightweight, creating the perfect short-term spot for little ones to nap. Plus, given the newest guidelines on baby safety, most Moses basket styles now come equipped with removable bumpers (or none at all), making them safe and comfortable for your little one. Best of all, when baby outgrows the Moses basket, the piece becomes a pretty storage basket for toys.

Sausalito Moses Basket, $195,
sausalito moses basket.jpgGiggles Chocolate Moses Basket, $80,
giggles moses basket.jpgAsa Moses Basket, $210,

asa basket.jpg
Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket, $60-100,

tadpoles cable basket.jpgMaddie Boo Maggies Moses Basket, $196,

maggies moses basket.jpg

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