Convenient, safe travel tubs for baby

Preparing for a trip with a small baby presents a plethora of obstacles. From plane trips to hotel rooms, nothing is particularly set up to accommodate infants, which means you need to plan for baby’s needs well ahead of time. While beginning a trip just this week, I suddenly realized that the hotel bath just wouldn’t do for my 10-month-old. The slick bottom and adult-size made me feel a little on edge. Thankfully, travel tubs for babies are plentiful and readily available both online and in stores. Ultimately, I chose the Munchkin Duck Tub, which is easily inflatable (and super cute), but the other travel tubs below get rave reviews from parents. Thanks to their compact size, these travel tubs are safe and convenient no matter where you’re headed.
travel tubs

Left to right:
Munchkin White Hot Safety Duck Tub, $14.50,
Prince LionHart Flexi Bath, $40,
Puj Flyte Tub, $35,
Kel-Gar Snug-Tub, $21,

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