Cool off in linen this summer

Linen gets a bad wrap. Sure, it wrinkles easily, but it’s also airy, light and cool even in the middle of July. There’s also the versatility. Depending upon the styling, linen dresses and pants can easily go from the office to the beach, if you so desire. Perhaps that’s why so many designers are turning to this traditional summer fabric now more than past seasons. If you’ve feared the fabric in the past, make this the summer you embrace it. Yes, it is going to wrinkle a bit, but that’s just part of its timeless charm.

Stretch Linen V-Neck Dress, $45 (sale),

stretch linen dress.jpg
James Perse Linen Blend Ruched Mini, $125,

jp linen mini.jpg
Maxi Skirt in Linen, $47.50,

asos linen maxi skirt.jpg
Patch Pocket Linen Shorts, $44.50,

loft linen shorts.jpg
The Beach Pant in Linen, $28 (sale),

vs linen beach pant.jpg
MICHAEL Michael Kors Linen Shirred Boyfriend Jacket, $130,

mk boyfriend jacket.jpg

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