Cozy kids' pajamas for those cold winter nights

If you’re like most parents, it’s easy to lose your sense of practicality when perusing kids’ clothing, especially when it comes to pajamas. Those cute, festive holiday PJ sets practically beg you to buy them despite the fact that your kids would only get a few weeks of use out of them. If you’ve been able to hold out this far into the season (or even if you haven’t), the sleepwear featured below will be the perfect middle ground. Boasting cute prints (hello, cookies and snowmen) and bright colors, each style is winter appropriate without going too far into holiday territory. And almost all the sets featured are still deliverable by December 24 if you’re looking for gift ideas.   

Reindeer Pajama Set, $30 (sale),
In toddler and big kid sizes.

reindeer pj set.jpg
Sara’s Prints Kids’ Pajamas, $22,
Available in dozens of holiday and non-holiday prints.

snowman pjs.jpg
Star Wars Pajamas, $42.50,

star wars pjs.jpg
Red Solid Flannel Pajamas, $42.50,

red flannel pajamas.jpg
Munki Munki Flannel Pajamas, $42.50,

cookie pj set.jpg
Greendog Sleepwear Set, $26.60 (sale),

greendog pj set.jpg

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