Create nutritious, easy meals for infants with a baby food maker

I’ll go ahead and admit it: I became a bit “crunchy” after the birth of my second daughter. Namely, I’ve started making my own baby food. I never really fancied myself an at-home baby food maker, but one day I was reading the label on a jar and it kind of surprised me. Certainly not all additives are bad, but I would really rather control the ingredients a bit more. Short on time and not really wanting to invest a huge amount of money, I went in search of great baby food maker gadgets. Actually, there are many options! From all-in-one steam-and-puree appliances to travel-style food mills, the simple, affordable baby food makers below will let you pick and choose what makes sense when it comes to creating baby food for your infant.

baby food maker collage

Left to right:

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Station, $25,

Baby Steps Deluxe Food Mill with Travel Bag, $18,

Baby Bullet Baby Food Maker, $60,

Sage Spoonfuls Let’s Get Started Package, $90,


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