Create photo keepsakes with Milestone Baby Cards from the Netherlands

Over the last few years, age milestone photos have become very trendy for good reason. With a simple week or month sticker, a onesie and a point-and-shoot camera, any mom or dad can dress baby up to create a memory right at home. Taking this idea a step further, brand new Milestone Baby Cards allow us to record not only our babies’ first weeks and months but also their major early life events like first teeth, rolling over and smiling for the first time. Each gender neutral deck features 30 cards boasting absolutely delightful artwork. When an event occurs, simply find a spot to photograph baby, choose your card, record the date on the provided line and take the photo. When all 30 cards are completed, fill up a photo book or just print them and create your own traditional baby book. The sky’s the limit.

Milestone Baby Cards from the Netherlands, $24,

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